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Royal Logistic Corps

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Royal Logistic Corps
Royal Logistic Corps

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Find out who the Royal Logistic Corps are, the role that they perform in keeping the British Army in battle winning conditions, on operations, exercise and at home. The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) provides logistic support functions to the British Army. It is the largest Corps in the Army. The RLC flag is dark blue with the Corps Badge emblazoned on the centre. It has a Corps of Drums and a “Marching Band”.

The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) was formed on Monday, 5 April 1993, by the union of five British Army corps:
Royal Engineers Postal and Courier Service
Royal Corps of Transport
Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Royal Pioneer Corps
Army Catering Corps
The RLC comprises both Regular and Army Reserve units.
The RLC is the only (Combat Service Support) Corps of the British Army with battle honours, derived from the usage of previous transport elements of the Royal Waggon Train, and their successors as cavalry. The battle honours are:
Battle of Waterloo
Taku Forts

Cap Badge
The RLC cap badge is an amalgamation of the cap badges of the forming corps:
The laurel and garter band is from the Royal Engineers
The star is from the Royal Corps of Transport
The shield in the centre is from the Royal Army Ordnance Corps
The crossed axes are from the Royal Pioneer Corps
The motto, “We Sustain”, is from the Army Catering Corps
The inscription on the garter band “Honi soit qui mal y pense” can be translated as “Evil to him who evil thinks”. It is often seen on the insignia of Regiments and Corps with ‘Royal’ in their title.

Royal Logistic Corps
Royal Logistic Corps

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