Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (SWCC)

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The U.S. Navy’s special warfare combatant-craft crewmen is a Special Operations Force that operates and maintains an inventory of small craft used to support special operations missions, particularly those of the U.S. Navy SEALs. Individually, SEALs and SWCC go through separate specialized training programs that emphasize special operations in the maritime environment. SWCC are trained extensively in craft and weapons tactics, techniques, and procedures. Focusing on clandestine infiltration and exfiltration of SEALs and other special operations forces, SWCC provide dedicated, rapid mobility in shallow water areas where large ships cannot operate. SWCC must be physically fit, highly motivated, combat-focused, and responsive in high-stress.

U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (SWCC) assigned to Naval Special Warfare prepare for a visit, board, search, and seizure exercise during a training mission at the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Center, Greece

Operate and maintain inventory of state-of-the-art, high-performance vessels used to support SEALs and on other special operations. SWCC provide a dedicated, rapid mobility mission in shallow water areas where large ships cannot operate. Their capabilities include Direct Action through coastline or rivers. SWCC emphasize being mobility and weapons experts; due to this, in recent years they have taken a high level of training in tactical driving and convoy operations. SWCC, also have other unique capabilities such as search and rescue both combat and humanitarian response, high risk personnel recovery and force protective services. As well as assisting with other law enforcement agencies and training various foreign units. All SWCCs are by the general definition trained combat medics/lifesavers.

Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (SWCC) conducts MEATS (Maritime External Air Transportation System) exercise with the U.S. Army, 160th SOAR’s MH-47 Chinook

The insignia is authorized for wear by volunteer members of special boat teams under U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command. Candidates must pass the SWCC basic crewman training and crewman qualification training. On 19 August 2016, the current SWCC qualification insignia was replaced with three separate insignias to denote the level of qualification achieved individually by SWCC sailors. The new insignias are SWCC Basic, SWCC Senior, and SWCC Master. The SWCC Basic Insignia is a two and one-half by one and one-fourth inch silver matte metal pin showing a background of a cocked flintlock pistol, a crossed naval enlisted cutlass, and a Mark V Special Operations Craft atop a bow wave. The SWCC Senior Insignia incorporates an upright anchor in the background of the SWCC Basic Insignia. The SWCC Master Insignia incorporates a banner with three gold stars on the upper portion of the anchor from the SWCC Senior Insignia.