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Special Forces Group (SFG)

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The Special Forces Group is a special forces unit in the Land Component of the Belgian Armed Forces.
Members of the Special Forces Group are normally selected from the paracommando units of the Belgian Army. They must have at least four years experience as a paracommando to join the Special Forces Group.

Basic capabilities for all operators regardless of insertion specality: Capable of navigating and operating on foot as well as on vehicles in all kinds of terrain (desert, jungle, arctic, mountains).

Basic amphibious capabilities for all operators, regardless of insertion specialty: During the Q course, all candidates are taught basic skills in surface water maneuvering. The exercises are designed, using tactical scenarios, to develop the SF candidates’ skills in using specialized equipment, procedures, and techniques. As an operational team member, these skills are further developed.

[caption id="attachment_4858" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Special Forces Group (SFG)