Särskilda Operationsgruppen (SOG) Special Operations Group

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Särskilda Operationsgruppen (Special Operations Group, abbreviated SOG) is a Special Operations Force within the Swedish Armed Forces which has been active since 2011. Särskilda operationsgruppen was formed by merging the Särskilda skyddsgruppen (Special Protection Group) and Särskilda inhämtningsgruppen (Special Reconnaissance Group).

The Special Operations Group (SOG), combined with the Special Forces Command, comprises the Swedish Armed Forces Special Forces. In addition to this, there are several special operations support units. The personnel are specially selected, trained and equipped units for air, sea and land transportation, technical, logistical and medical support. For example: Special Maritime Transportation unit (STE), Special Signals Group (SSE) and the Section for Special Operative Technology (SOT).

Each troop then consists of three “teams” or patrols of four operators each.

Each operator has a broader skill base than regular soldiers and one or two patrol skills at which the operator is exceptionally skilled. A typical SOG team consists of four operators: A team leader, a demolitions expert, a radio operator and a medic. Each patrol can be augmented with, EOD technicians, JTAC-specialists or snipers.

What most people see of the operators is when they are employed as personal protection for the Supreme Commander or other high-ranking officers of the Swedish Armed Forces when they visit Swedish areas of operation. However, their most frequent usage is during multi-national special operations such as Direct Action, Special Reconnaissance and Military Assistance.

Combat missions can be to eliminate high-value targets or objects of great importance to the enemy, to conduct complex rescue operations of Swedish personnel held captive or hostage, or to gather time-critical intelligence through action.

Special reconnaissance and intelligence gathering is intended to gather information of great tactical importance about the enemy´s activities, enemy personnel or other bits of information of operational significance.

The unit maintains a high degree of readiness and can be deployed on short notice and can operate in any environment, for example jungle, desert, mountain/alpine, sub-arctic and urban.

The unit is lightly equipped for greater mobility, both tactically and strategically. SOG strive for simplicity in planning and execution, and unpredictability through unconventional and flexible methods.

SOG had been deployed in support of ISAF operations in Afghanistan an UN Peacekeeper operations in Mali.

Särskilda Operationsgruppen (SOG) Special Operations Group