Politiets Aktionsstyrke Danish Intervention Team

The Danish Intervention Team is a special unit of the Danish Security & Intellgence Service whose task is to maintain an operational anti-terrorism preparedness and response capability and contribute to fighting terrorism and serious organised crime by providing sound options for performing different police assignments where the standard police training and equipment is not adequate.

The unit conduct: Hostage rescue, Counter-terrorism, Highly dangerous arrest operations, Difficult intervention assignments, Special personal protection, Special monitoring assignments and other special assignments where the standard police training or equipment is not adequate.


The Danish Intervention Team engages in close co-operation with units from the Danish Armed Forces that provide assistance in the form of personnel and ordnance as support in operational assignments and in connection with training. In addition, joint working groups have been established with a view to co-ordinating knowledge, technology and tactics that are used in connection with operational assignments and training, where the Danish Armed Forces provide back-up for the police.

In connection with COP15, the Intervention Team undertook responsibility for securing the waters in the Copenhagen Harbour and the areas around the airport. In addition, the Intervention Team was responsible for a number of security-related assignments in relation to certain VIPs as well as the airspace above the capital.

The international co-operation between intervention forces in Europe is still under development, and in this connection the Special Intervention Unit has participated in several large-scale exercises and workshops in different EU Member States.

Politiets Aktionsstyrke Danish Intervention Team
Politiets Aktionsstyrke Danish Intervention Team

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