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Inzpire GECO (Air) Fixed Wing


Inzpire GECO (Air) Fixed Wing

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With its highly intelligent combination of military grade software, hosted on powerful COTS hardware, Inzpire GECO (Air) Fixed Wing offers powerful avionic, mission and training capabilities. The use of an application or ‘app’ based modular architecture approach combined with a rugged tablet device quickly and easily transforms both modern and legacy aircraft cockpits.
Inzpire GECO (Air) Fixed Wing is a full touchscreen solution, easily operated with a gloved hand, that can be hand-held, knee-mounted or platform-mounted and has the capability of acting as an additional cockpit MFD (Multi-Functional Display), either stand alone or integrated with the aircraft. The flexibility of Inzpire’s system means that it can be incorporated at a fraction of the cost and far more rapidly than traditional aircraft software and hardware upgrades. Inzpire GECO (Air) Fixed Wing is also a fully featured EFB; interactive and intuitive it can be accessed during all phases of flight. By adding ‘apps’ such as ‘Vcalcz’, safety critical performance calculations are always readily available.
By adding Inzpire GECO (Air) Fixed Wing emulation ‘apps’ such as ‘RADAR’ and ‘Targeting Pod’, training can be significantly enhanced and ‘downloaded’ from much more expensive platforms. All of these features can be easily added without the need to compromise on the capabilities already listed. Because of GECO’s ‘app’ based approach, capabilities can be added as and when safety, operational and training requirements dictate.
As an award-winning supplier of defence managed services and cutting-edge mission systems, Inzpire is a trusted partner of the UK MOD. Inzpire are a genuinely Joint-Services organisation with more than 1000 years of combined military aviation experience. Inzpire recognises that a truly great company – one capable of delivering to the highest expectations of both UK and global military and civilian sectors – is only possible with great people. Our team, drawn from the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force has frontline experience in operations from Afghanistan and Libya to The Balkans and beyond, gained from tens of thousands of hours of combined military fast-jet and helicopter flying and an in-depth, real-world knowledge that we believe no other defence company can match.
Inzpire makes the world-leading GECO family of mission systems for both airborne and land applications; combat proven, safety certifiable and with fully integrated Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) functionality for a paperless cockpit, GECO (Air) is the affordable advanced digital cockpit upgrade.

Inzpire GECO (Air) Fixed Wing
Inzpire GECO (Air) Fixed Wing

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