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Swiftships 35 Meter Patrol Boat


Swiftships 35 Meter Patrol Boat

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Swiftships 35 Meter Patrol Boat
Swiftships 35 Meter Patrol Boat

Swiftships’ 35 Meter Patrol Boat hull and superstructure are constructed of all-welded aluminum alloy. The hull includes seven watertight bulkheads forming eight watertight compartments. Boats can be refueled at sea using side-by-side procedures and run on #2 diesel fuel. The functionality of this vessel is to contain and conquer almost any aerial and underwater enemy threats. Weather survivability includes sea state 5 survival, at the best heading and fully operational capability at sea state 3. These specifications can be modified in accordance to the operator’s preference and needs.
One (1) 30mm Gun System, Oto Melara. The single 30mm gun is a new generation system characterized by digital architecture and high rate of fire (800 rds/min).
Two (2) Mk 93 50 caliber mounts with MK16 tripod. The MK93 Mod4 Gun Mount is for use with both the .50 cal or MK19 machine guns and (with adapters) the M60 and/or the M240 machine guns.
Two (2) Mk 82 Model 3 7.62mm mounts with Mk16 Tripod
Boat Launching Well and Rescue Platform
RHIB with outboard motor is provided and fitted in a stern launching well. A recovery winch is provided as well as rescue decks on the transom for loading and unloading the rescue boat.

Main Engines: Three (3) Marine Propulsion Engines rated at 2450 HP
Generators: Two (2) 99 kW generators
Propulsors: Water jets or Propellers

Swiftships 35 Meter Patrol Boat
Swiftships 35 Meter Patrol Boat

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