HMMWV Enhanced Appliqué Program (EAP)

Building on the mantra “The best vehicle for the mission is the one you already have in your formation”, AM General’s EAP initiative provides early entry formations with mobility, lethality, and power solutions on a proven, versatile and globally transportable platform, the renowned HMMWV. As the premiere global vehicle solution provider, AM General continues to evolve by offering a diverse range of affordable, innovative products and services. The EAP initiative focuses on HMMWV technology insertion kits that significantly transform the vehicle’s capabilities by enhancing its mobility, transportability, lethality, power and autonomous capabilities. Many of the Light Tactical Vehicles AM General has developed for the U.S. military are available for export. Internationally, AM General is the premier provider of Light Tactical Vehicle solutions, with more than 230,000 HMMWVs currently in use in more than 60 countries worldwide. For nearly 30-years the HMMWVs has been in continuous production and has proven to be the vehicle of choice for a wide range of geographic and mission profiles. It remains an innovative, cost-effective mobility solution, tailored to client needs. Included in the roster of its more than 60 global customers are Iraq and Afghanistan, where AM General has been at the forefront in supporting the U.S. in its mission to establish strong and mobile local forces.
Enhanced Tactical Transportability (ETT) / Enhanced Tactical Mobility (ETM) HMMWV Kits: As envisioned, the ETT and ETM Kits can be applied to existing HMMWVs in the military fleet and provide an immediate and affordable solution for customers who need to rapidly deploy, employ, and re-deploy in support of strategic, operational and tactical power projection operations with minimal preparation. The ETM kit can be quickly and easily installed on a HMMWV by a unit maintenance team, and the ETT kit can be installed at the installation level. Once the kits are installed, the vehicles transport up to 9 soldiers, offer stable firing platforms for squad weapons and fit inside a CH-47 helicopter without major and costly logistical changes to training, maintenance procedures and supply support.

HMMWV Enhanced Appliqué Program (EAP)

HMMWV Enhanced Appliqué Program (EAP)


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