Navantia Avante 2400 Combatant

The Guaiquerí class patrol vessels (Avante 2400 Combatant) are a class of ocean patrol vessels or POVZEE (Spanish: Patrullero Oceánico de Vigilancia de la Zona Económica Exclusiva) in Venezuelan Navy service. The lead ship were originally intended to have the pennant F-31 and name of Guaicaipuro but has since been renumbered. The POVZEE vessels feature stealth technology with reduced radar and infrared signatures as well as special design to minimize the propulsion system’s noise emissions and vibrations. An aft hangar and flight deck enables operation of a single rotary-wing aircraft. The ship carries two small semi-rigid boats RHIB for rescue and transport purposes.
Navantia Avante 2200 Combatant
Navantia Avante 2200 Combatant

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