DSEI 2017: T40 CTA Turret – Nexter

Christopher F Foss talks about the Nexter Systems T40 two-person turret armed with a CTA International 40mm Case Telescoped Armament System (CTAS) cannon and a roof-mounted RWS with a 12.7mm machine gun. Modular turrets using the whole capacities ofthe new 40 CTA cannon which is the leadingmedium caliber weapon of the 21stcentury.These unmanned or 2-man turrets, protectedup to level 5, are designed around an openvetronic architecture and a numerical visionHD which confer them a very importantscalability. They allow exceptional operationalcapacities in free field and urban zone dueto a “carousel” ammunition handling system allowing immediately available the appropriateammunition to the mission: firing at high elevation (up to 60°), zone neutralization due to burstfiring of the air-bursting ammunition GPR-AB, destruction of all known Infantry Fighting Vehiclesdue to APFSDS-T ammunition and anti-tank missile.

DSEI 2017: T40 CTA Turret - Nexter
DSEI 2017: T40 CTA Turret – Nexter

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