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Army Recognition Group Defense and Security Weekly Web TV channel latest news and breaking news of international land, naval and air defense, security industry, exhibition and army – military issues.
The latest most important Defense and Security news of the week in video: 25 to 29 September 2017.

Summary September 2017 Episode 2:

– 00:00 Lockheed Martin Sponsor of Defense and Security Web TV news channel F-35 for Belgian air Force
– 00:42 Russia test-fired Topol SS-25 ICBM InterContinental ballistic missile with new warhead
– 01:48 Iran New Heidar-7 Heydar-7 8×8 armoured APC unveiled by Iranian Defense Industry
– 02:49 Kalashnikov from Russia has developed flying bike using drone technology
– 03:28 Open Works Engineering unveils SkyWall 300 turret-mounted drone capture system at DSEI 2017
– 04:50 Iran on Friday, September 22, 2017, successfully test-fired its new ballistic missile,”Khorramshahr”
– 06:00 South Korea’s HHI Launched the Final KSS-2 Type 214 Submarine for ROK Navy
– 07:26 Lockheed Martin delivers future USS Little Rock to U.S. Navy
– 09:04 Russian Navy Baltic Fleet Firing with 3K60 Bal Coastal Missile System during Zapad 2017
– 10:47 First Air Warfare Destroyer HMAS Hobart commissioned in to the Royal Australian Navy
– 12:08 Russian Tu-95MS bombers launched 12 Kh-101 cruise missiles in massive airstrike against IS
– 12:48 Germany & Norway join MMF programme with firm order for five A330 MRTTs
– 13:18 Belgian Air Force’s NH90 TTHs performing first training flights in Africa

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Defense security news TV weekly navy army air forces industry army military equipment September 2017