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Damen Stan Patrol Vessel

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Damen Stan Patrol Vessel

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The Dutch shipbuilding firm The Damen Group, designs and manufactures a wide variety of vessels, including a range of related patrol vessels known generally as the Damen Stan Patrol Vessels. The Damen Stan patrol vessel designs’ names include a four digit code, where the first two digits are the vessel’s length, in metres, and the second two digits are its width. Over a dozen nations have classes of vessels based on the Damen Stan 4207 patrol vessel design, which are 42 metres (138 ft) long and 7 metres (23 ft) wide. The United States Coast Guard’s Sentinel class cutters, based on the Damen Stan 4708 patrol vessel design, are 47 metres (154 ft) long and 8 metres (26 ft) wide. Rather than design vessels that were strictly for naval use, the underlying Damen Stan patrol vessel designs do not include weapons, or a sensor suite. The designs have been adapted for constabulary duties, and for fishery and environmental patrols. Vessels of this type have been supplied to, or ordered by a number of countries. Many of the agencies that employ these vessels have them delivered without armament, or solely with small arms. They are equipped with water cannon.

 Damen Stan Patrol Vessel
Damen Stan Patrol Vessel

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