Eurosatory 2018 overview

Eurosatory is the leading event in the world dedicated to land & air land Defence and Security organized by COGES. In 2016, Eurosatory gathered 1,571 exhibitors from 58 countries; 57,024 international visitors and 212 official delegations from 96 countries. This show succeeded earlier shows organized since 1967 by the French military procurement agency at the Camp Satory, thus the name.
As indicated by its name, this exhibition presents products from the entire Land and Air-land industry, from raw materials to sub-assemblies and operational systems.
It covers a wide range of “products” from vehicles (tanks, armored vehicles, trucks) to small arms (guns, missiles, knives) through communications systems, uniforms, logistics services, but also simulation, operational medicine and disaster responses, etc. Security has also been a major theme during last exhibitions, with monitoring, alert and emergency responses solutions as well as civil security with the presence of firemen, among other institutions.
The exhibition is the largest of its kind worldwide. It is closed to the general public; access is by invitation only to professionals (exhibitions, institutional, government officials, industry professionals, all ranks members of armed and security forces, police and emergency units). Access is prohibited under 16. Part of the exhibition is held indoor, the other outdoor where stands are also set up. A dynamic live demonstration zone has been created to show the in-real use of several devices: vehicles, drones, technical intervention, and others. These demonstrations are organised twice a day.
EUROSATORY provides a time-effective opportunity to meet the whole Defence and Security supply chain, to discover the latest technological innovations and to help exhibitors and visitors develop a strong international network of clients, prospects and generate business opportunities.

Eurosatory 2018 overview

Eurosatory 2018 overview


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