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Czechoslovak Group

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Czechoslovak Group

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Czechoslovak Group
Czechoslovak Group

CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP is a strong industrial holding group,mostly associating technology producers based in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The Group is a successor of the greatest traditions of Czechoslovak and Czech industry, upon which it builds their business and develops it further.
Among main values that are common to all the Group’s member companies belong the high quality of their products, top-class post-sales services (often provided in mutual synergy with partner companies from the Group) and robust production capability that enables them to come up with complex solutions tailored to customers’ needs.
CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP professes the principle of openness and transparent communication toward both domestic and foreign partners in the public and private sector alike. The Group’s companies cooperate with strong global partners, e.g. General Dynamics. Some of them hold licences for production of state-of-the-art technology, including the PANDUR II 8×8 armoured vehicles.
The Group’s members include a world-class manufacturer of special containers and cargo truck extensions KARBOX, military supplier and logistic EXCALIBUR ARMY, military trucks and vehicles TATRA, military engineering and ammunition MSM SK, rail vehicle braking systems producer DAKO CZ and automobile transport company NIKA LOGISTICS.
Learn more http://czechoslovakgroup.cz

Czechoslovak Group
Czechoslovak Group

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