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Poland Armed Forces Dynamic Defence Display At MSPO 2017


Poland Armed Forces Dynamic Defence Display At MSPO 2017

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The Nowa Deba training ground, 4 September, the day before the official MSPO commencement was the day of dynamic show-presentations and a static display. A convoy under attack, evacuation, drop of paratroopers and counter-attack with the use of mortars and artillery howitzer – this was the combat scenario presented on the training grounds in Nowa Dęba. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland military equipment demonstration were staged within the scope of the 25th MSPO, the event that commences on 5h September in Targi Kielce.
In the staged combat situation at the premises of Polish Land Forces Training Centre in Nowa DÄ™ba, Rosomak transporters, self-propelled Rak Mortar and artillery howitzer Krab produced in Stalowa Wola boasted their combat capabilities. In the air there were the five helicopters – the Gluszec from PZL Åšwidnik. The 25th Air Cavalry Brigade’s drop of paratroopers left the spectators really impressed. Medical and evacuation procedures were are also presented.
The dynamic demonstrations and a static exhibition staged in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship brought together 300 participants and soldiers, mainly from the 21st Podhale Rifle Brigades supported by other various units.
The military attachés, members of official foreign delegations and journalists accredited for the International Defence Industry Exhibition were the guests of the event. The equipment was presented at the dynamic show-presentations and at the static exhibition. Participants of the shows together with Minister Bartosz Kownacki had the opportunity to become familiar with Rosomak transporters in various versions, the self-propelled RAK mortar, KRAB artillery howitzer. The exhibition also included the LIWIEC Artillery Reconnaissance Team, the PT-91 and Leopard 2A5 tanks, anti-aircraft equipment, sniper rifles and much more. In total, over 30 modern military equipment and machines were put on show on the training ground in Nowa Dęba.
The shows were the prelude for the jubilee 25th today. International Defence Industry Exhibition held in Targi Kielce. MSPO continues until 8 September. MSPO comes in rankings just after after Paris and London. 2017’s Targi Kielce event is the showcase for the record-breaking number of 618 exhibitors from 27 countries of the world. MSPO hosts 67 foreign delegations, including 6 defence ministers and 9 deputy defence ministers. More than 400 journalists from Poland and abroad have been accredited to MSPO with the use of the internet registration service.

Poland Armed Forces Dynamic Defence Display At MSPO 2017
Poland Armed Forces Dynamic Defence Display At MSPO 2017

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