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Sky Hunter


Sky Hunter

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Sky Hunter is an upcoming Chinese war film directed by Li Chen. It is Li’s directorial debut. The film is produced in collaboration with People’s Liberation Army Air Force and is China’s first aerial warfare film. Sky Hunter is the first action movie focused on China’s PLAAF (People’s Liberation Army Air Force). According to the trailer, the story is about a group of elite air force who are called into action to resolve a hostage crisis and foil a terrorist plot. It sounds like a typical trajectory for any action hero except with aviation as its battleground, but what makes this so hype-worthy is that it is upping the ante to go big on special effects, what’s more, it brings together power couple Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen as the main leads.
The 200 million-Yuan (US$30 million) budget film got full support from the Chinese air force, including sending dozens of its own experts, equipment and trainers to assist the film crew, The movie features, along with some CGI actual flying footage of various front line combat aircraft. The Chinese Air Force has reportedly agreed to feature its J-20 stealth twin jet fifth-generation fighter; the Y-20, large military transport aircraft; the J-10C lightweight multi-role fighter; and the J-11B single-seat twin-engine jet fighter. The video below shows (H/T to Modern Chinese Warplanes for the heads-up) some behind the scenes footage. To help the film obtain firsthand and real images and pictures of what the Chinese air force is like today, the military authorities opened several of its bases to the film crew to shoot various scenes.
It will be released on September 30, 2017

Sky Hunter
Sky Hunter

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