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RISING 50 – RSAF and TNI-AU Combined Flypast

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Celebrating 50 years of bilateral relations between Singapore and Indonesia. RISING50 is an amalgamation of “RI” for the Republic of Indonesia and “SING” for Singapore, while the number 50 refers to the half century of warm and friendly bilateral ties they have enjoyed since 1967.
The combined flypast, made up of ten RSAF F-16s and ten TNI-AU F-16s, will perform two flypast profiles. The first profile is an ‘arrowhead’ formation led by the RSAF, followed by a combined ’50’ formation 20 minutes later. The TNI-AU will form the digit ‘5’ and the RSAF the digit ‘0’. It ends with a “Bomb Burst” by RSAF F-15 SGs.
Indonesia’s and Singapore’s long-standing defence relationship is not only characterised by Exercise Eagle Indopura, the SAF’s longest-running bilateral exercise with a foreign military, it is also distinguished by the assistance rendered by both parties to each other in times of crisis. These include how the TNI assisted in the search-and-rescue (SAR) operations after the 1997 Silkair crash in Palembang, and the SAF assisted in the relief efforts for the 2004 Aceh tsunami and the SAR operations following the 2014 crash of AirAsia flight QZ8501.
Video by Tedd Jong
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RISING 50 - RSAF and TNI-AU Combined Flypast
RISING 50 – RSAF and TNI-AU Combined Flypast

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