Patria AMV28A Wheeled Armoured Vehicle

The Patria AMV28A successfully underwent amphibious tests at the Hanko area in southern Finland in May. Two vehicles were evaluated in the trails, of which the first test configuration was loaded with full amphibious weight of 28t, while the second variant carrying lower weight than its gross vehicle weight (GVW) was installed with Kongsberg PROTECTOR MCT-30 turret. Swimming tests were performed during strong wind conditions with constant wind speed of up to 13m/s and gusts of more than 17m/s. The vehicles met the test objectives without difficulties. The AMV28A is manned by a crew of three, including driver, commander and gunner, while the troop compartment can accommodate eight dismounting soldiers. The vehicle is equipped with desert air conditioning system for high comfort in hot and humid conditions. The bolt-on marine environment amphibious kit fitted to the vehicle allows operation at sea-state 3 conditions. The modular amphibious kit can be easily detached and reinstalled when required. The vehicle measures 2.85m-wide without an amphibious kit.Patria AMV28A is a new member of the AMV series of wheeled armoured vehicles produced by Patria, a company based in Finland.