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Indonesian Naval Special Warfare Unit


Indonesian Naval Special Warfare Unit

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Indonesian Navy KOPASKA Naval Special Warfare Unit (SEAL/UDT) conduct infiltration training through Type 209 submarine torpedo tube. Kopaska or Komando Pasukan Katak is the premier frogman and underwater demolition unit of the Indonesian Navy. The Unit’s motto is “Tan Hana Wighna Tan Sirna” (“There is no obstacle that cannot be defeated”). KOPASKA was officially established on 31 March 1962 by President Sukarno to help his campaign Operation Trikora in Western New Guinea. However, this special operations force was actually founded in 1954 by Captain (Navy) Iskak from the Navy Frogman School at Naval Base Surabaya. The Unit’s main duties are underwater demolition, destroying main underwater installations, reconnaissance, prisoner snatches, preparing beaches for larger naval amphibious operations, and counter-terrorism. In peacetime the unit deploys a seven-person team to serve as security personnel for VIPs. Primary among these duties are the escort and personal security of the Indonesian president and vice-president.
Video by : Alinfrogman
Indonesian Naval Special Warfare Unit

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