Russian T-90 during mission in Syria

Exclusive footage with Russian T-90 main battle tank during mission in Syria. The T-90A was deployed to Syria in 2015 to support the Russian involvement in the Syrian Civil War. In early February 2016, Syrian Army forces began using T-90As in combat. In late February, a video was leaked on the internet which showed a T-90 survive a direct frontal turret hit by a TOW-2A missile in Aleppo. The first alleged footage of the targeted tank showed only minor damage to Shtora-1 jammer optics and expended ERA as the result of TOW missile hit. According to Global security, the engagement did show that T-90A is superior in guided missile protection, compared to the M1 Abrams tank, one of which was destroyed by Yemen’s Houthi militias using the outdated 9K111 Fagot. UralVagonZavod, based in Nizhny Tagil, owes some of these skyrocketing sales to the successful performance of its tanks in Syria. Even veteran T-72 and T-90 tanks can withstand direct hits by US guided missiles – something neither their American nor Turkish counterparts can boast. With 149.9 billion rubles in sales last year, UVZ is now set to enter the list of the world’s top 50 arms manufacturers.
Russian T-90 during mission in Syria

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