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KDB Daruttaqwa OPV-09


KDB Daruttaqwa OPV-09

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KDB Daruttaqwa OPV-09
KDB Daruttaqwa OPV-09 became the fourth ship of the Darussalam-class offshore patrol vessel in 2014 when commissioned for service as part of the Royal Brunei Navy. Established in June of 1965, the Royal Brunei Navy today fields a modest waterborne force of which a large portion of the fleet is made up of patrol boats of various shapes and sizes. The most impressive of the lot is the Darussalam-class which were built in Germany by Lurssen Werft of Bremen-Vegesack. Four were procured in all with one of the group , KDB Darussalam (OPV-06) – being commissioned in 2011. The class is represented through a design showcasing a length of 260 feet with a beam of 43 feet. Displacement is 1,625 tons. They feature a 57mm Bofors (KDB Daruttaqwa: Bofors 57 mm gun replaced with MLG27) turreted autocannon at the bow supported by 2 x 20mm Oerlikon guns while carrying 4 x Exocet MM40 Block 3 anti-ship missiles. Beyond their armament fit, the vessels sport a Thales “Sting” EO Mk 2 fire-control radar, a Terma Scanter 4100 series air-surface search radar and the Zeiss MEOS II series electro-optical system. The standard operating crew numbers 55 personnel and a stern-located helipad accepts a single naval helicopter. Power is derived from 2 x MTU 12V diesel units outputting 11,400 horsepower to 2 x shafts. Maximum speed in ideal conditions reaches 22 knots and the boat ranges out to 7,500 nautical miles. Onboard storage is such that the vessel can stay out at sea for up to 21 days.

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