Hyunmoo-2B and ATACMS

South Korea carried out a joint ballistic missile drill with the US where they launched 2 Hyunmoo-2B missiles and 2 ATACMS missiles. The Hyunmoo-2B was the first of South Korea’s attempts to develop an indigenous ballistic missile with an increased range, more so than Hyunmoo-1. Due to an agreement in 2001 with the MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime), the missile’s range was limited to 300km. Eventually the missile range was increased to 800km which spurred on the development of Hyunmoo-2C. The MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System (ATacMS) is a surface-to-surface missile (SSM) manufactured by Lockheed Martin. It has a range of over 160 kilometres (100 mi), with solid propellant, and is 4.0 metres (13 ft) high and 610 millimetres (24 in) in diameter.The drill was seen as a response to North Korea’s supposed successful test launch of an ICBM.

Hyunmoo-2B and  ATACMS

Hyunmoo-2B and ATACMS

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