Norwegian Army Telemark Battalion


Norway’s elite “Punisher” Telemark Battalion is an elite mechanized infantry unit, often used for quick reaction operations. They served repeatedly throughout Operation Enduring Freedom and lost a few troops along the way. Involved in fighting the Taliban since 2003, the Telemark Battalion from Norway is no stranger to fighting terrorism. The Telemark troops are known to use the skull insignia from the Marvel character “The Punisher,” an antihero who slaughters criminals and seeks to bring those who do wrong to a painful death. They were known to spray-paint the punisher symbol on houses and property belonging to suspected Taliban members. The Telemark Battalion are a modern mechanized infantry unit who share their name with the famous World War II saboteurs who are credited with stopping the Nazis near advancement in making a nuclear bomb. In 1943 they destroyed a heavy water production facility at the Norsk Hydroelectric plant in Telemark, Norway. Sitting between an icy-rock-edged encampment, with machine gun turrets and guard towers, the German facility was no match for a six man Norwegian paratroop squad who detonated 1000 pounds of heavy water and cross-country skied a reported 250 miles into Sweden.
Norwegian Army Telemark Battalion


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